Nasty Women Poets @ Fergie's Pub - October 15, 2017, 2pm

Remembering Gwendolyn Brooks

Poet, educator, and social activist Gwendolyn Brooks was a singular force in American culture. The first black woman to be named United States poet laureate, Brook’s poetry, fiction, and social commentary shed light on the beauty of humanity, the distinct qualities of black life and community, and the destructive effects of racism, sexism, and class inequality.

An informal discussion honoring Gwendolyn Brooks on her centennial will be held at the African American Museum on October 29th at 2pm with Herman Beavers, Margo Natalie Crawford, Sonia Sanchez, and Lamont Steptoe.

Free with Reduced Museum Admission of $5.00

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We Real Cool: Gwendolyn Brooks Chapbook

In honor of Gwendolyn Brooks's Centennial, Moonstone will be publishing a chapbook, selections from which will be read at the African American History Museum on October 29th at 2 PM. For this project, we want your poetry! A work influenced by Ms. Brooks in any way will be considered. Hit the submit button below to jump over to our Submittable page! submit

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Moonstone Gold Presents Afaa M. Weaver

Afaa M. Weaver

Moonstone Gold at Fergie's Pub - November 19, 2017 at 2pm. Tickets $15.00, Students with ID - $7.50 - available at

In 2014, Weaver completed his Plum Flower Trilogy with the publication of his 14th collection of poetry, City of Eternal Spring. A Los Angeles Times review of the trilogy echoed previous critical evaluations of his oeuvre to date: “Compared to Whitman by the poet Michael Harper and critic Arnold Rampersad, Weaver brings in new voices and experiences to American poetry, and like Whitman he sings and celebrates himself. ... poems written in the black vernacular … with their short, crisp lines, and with great attention to detail and with great compassion, take us to inner city Baltimore, to his mother’s kitchen and his grandmother’s bedside, to the basketball court, the factory, and the front stoop to show the different experiences, voices, histories that are part of his own unique development.”

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The Moonstone Press Poetry Chapbook Contest

Haitian Mud pies

Winner will receive a $300 cash prize, publication, and 25 free copies of the book*, promotion on our website and a group reading at one of our venues in Philadelphia on Wednesday January 31, 2018.

Submissions accepted from May 1st to October 31st, 2017.


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