Who Do You Love?

Tuesday June 9, 2015, 6:30-(Doors open at 5:30)

“Allen Ginsberg was the exemplary avant-garde figure of the post- war world. In verse, in politics, in his own intimate life - there was no room for a "private" life - Ginsberg resisted and disdained the orthodox, the social lie. Few people have done as much to make non- conformism respectable in our time as he did. Surprisingly, though, for one who was feted as a revolutionary as far back as the mid-Fifties, he never became the victim of his own progressiveness. It was never felt about him that he was passé. His liking for experiment did not lead him to the extremes of addiction that claimed, temporarily, William Burroughs and, permanently, Jack Kerouac.” —James Campbell

Moonstone Publishing

Moonstone has published an anthology for our annual Poetry Ink program for several years and talked about publishing books for the poets we work with. In 2014 we have launched The Moonstone Press with two books, two chapbooks by individual poets as well as two anthologies. 2015 will see many more books with The Moonstone Press imprint. Please contact us if you are interested in this program which includes publication, a launch event and sales.
  • 19th Annual Poetry Ink
  • Speaking to Power by Robert Zaller
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    Poetic Quid Pro Quo

    Moonstone Poetry @ Fergie's Pub Presents: Poetic Quid Pro Quo

    From 7:00 pm

    At Fergie's Pub

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    Who Do You Love- Allen Ginsberg

    Moonstone Poetry Presents: Who Do You Love-Allen Ginsberg

    From 5:30pm

    At PhillyCAM

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    Charles O'Hay, Bevan McShea & Jim Trainer

    Moonstone Poetry @Brandywine Workshop Presents: Charles O'Hay, Bevan McShea & Jim Trainer

    From 7:00 pm

    At Brandywine Workshop

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