Women’s Day- Philly Loves Poetry Festival


732 S. Broad St

Women's Day- Philly Loves Poetry Festival

6:30pm Until 10pm

At The Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz & Performing Arts

732 S. Broad St

Mooonstone Arts Center

unsilenced1016:30pm - Unsilenced: Four Women of Color A multidisciplinary performance piece featuring poetry, songs, storytelling and music in recognition of female artists who are known to have infused their creative expressions within the framework of social change activism. For the Philly Loves Poetry Festival, Tomorrow's Girls & Women (TGW) founder, Pat McLean, collaborates with For Women Collective (FWC) founder, Debra Powell-Wright, to offer poetic testimonies in tribute to Sonia Sanchez, Nina Simone, Audre Lorde, and Nikki Giovanni. In addition to reading the work of the four honorees, the performance artists will also share original works that demonstrate their love and respect for those who have paved the way for our collective voices to be heard. Featuring: Pat Mclean, Debra Powell-Wright, Darlene Godwin, Jaz, Kia Knight, Oni Lasana Nish Pugh, Karen Smith, DeeMaria Marieno, Naa Koiloi Aziza Zenzile Kebe, Rahnda Rize

7:45pm ­ Intermission

8:00pm ­ Women Poets Occupy the Workspace,

Inspired by Raising Lilly Ledbetter In January 2009, after President Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act into law, his first legislative act after taking office, poets Carolyne Wright and Eugenia Toledo began to think about the need to hear more from women about their workplace experiences—not just pay and promotion inequity, or workplace harassment and intimidation, but all matters relevant to women and work in an increasingly globalized world, including the ever-widening range of occupations in which women are engaged, and their joy and satisfaction of work well done. “Raising Lilly Ledbetter …gathers the lyric art of working women, writing from the depths of at least sixty-two occupations. These are the poems of the heavy-lifters, night-shifters, line and piece workers, writing with grace and often with humor: poets who punch clocks, woman the phones and decks, weave, weld and can, cotton-pick and cold call, thread-spin, typeset and teach. They sex-work, they ship-build, plaster and preach, butcher and drive the bus. This is anthology as page-turner, as fist in the air, as do-it-yourself manual against despair. Here, and in gratitude to Lily Ledbetter, is the music of a movement, and it is one of the best of our time.”- Carolyn Forché Conceived and moderated by Elaine Terranova, the program features readings by Deborah Burnham, Darcy Cummings, Susan Eisenman, Vernita Hall, Nzadi Keita, Octavia McBride-Ahebee, Elaine Terranova, J.C. Todd, Sharon White



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