Follow the Drinking Gourd – Did Your Family Travel on the Underground Railroad?

The Charles L. Blockson Collection at Temple University and The Moonstone Arts Center Present

Historic Overview of the Underground Railroad in Philadelphia

Wednesday Oct 15, 1pm Temple University, 1330 Polett Walk Follow the Drinking Gourd - Did Your Family Travel on the Underground Railroad?

drinkinggourdMeet some who did: join Charles L. Blockson and relatives of Frederick Douglas, William Still, and others. Charles L. Blockson first published Black Genealogy in 1977 and it remains a unique guide among genealogical references. Blockson, a noted genealogist and African American historian, traced his own family roots back through the 18th century. along his journey, he discovered obstacles and advantages that make searching for black family history a rewarding experience. It took incredible bravery to attempt to escape slavery. Having been kept illiterate, not being able to read or write or know geography, how did you find your way knowing only that you follow the drinking gourd north. To be an abolitionist also took incredible bravery, to act in opposition to the law, the church and most of society, those who helped escaping slaves also faced imprisonment and death. Both blacks and whites rode the Underground Railroad and both have decedents to honor their memory. Share
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