Lost Autographs-Peter Baroth

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Peter M. BarothPeter Baroth is a writer, artist and musician based in the Philadelphia area. He was born in Chicago, raised in Norman, Oklahoma and is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and Temple Law School. He has published a novel, Long Green, with iUniverse and his most recent chapbook is Ski Oklahoma, published with Wordrunner Chapbooks. His poetry has appeared in Mad Poets Review, Schuykill Valley Journal, Philadelphia Poets, Legal Studies Forum, The Awakenings Review, E Pluribus Unum- An Anthology of Diverse Voices, Apiary, Certain Circuits and elsewhere. He was the 2009 recipient of the Amy Tritsch Needle Award in poetry. He is also on the editorial board of Philadelphia Stories magazine.




“It makes sense then that Peter can best be described as a narrative poet, one of the most powerful I’ve ever had the fortune to hear, and for certain one of the best overall poets on the local scene today.”

– Frank Walsh, All the Signs of Extinction.

“It’s St. Louis. Oklahoma. Chicago. Philadelphia. It’s Blues and Jazz, Coltrane and Miles, dark glasses, smoky bars. All music and words rolled into one…I found many lines to fall in love with in (Ski Oklahoma). Lines that not only crown the poems in which they appear, but extend far beyond them, as universal thoughts that stand alone.”

– Eileen M. D’Angelo, excerpt from book review published in Wild River Review.

“Peter Baroth’s novel Long Green is a well-crafted, absorbing read. It moves at the right pace. The language is clear, sometimes musical. The story doesn’t drag because of too much description. It moves.”

– Pat King, The Guild of Outsider Writers


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