2016 Chapbook Contest Winners

The Moonstone 2016 Chapbook Contest Winner

Vernita Hall

“In a broad display of approaches in craft, the poet visits the history of Philadelphia in a manner reminiscent of steampunk aesthetics. Jules Verne meets W.E.B. DuBois in a time traveling romp back and forth from The Souls of Black Folk to today’s evening news. This is fresh and ambitious writing, a collection that brings a view eschewing nostalgia and romanticized ways of looking at history. Instead it plops the reader squarely in the present with the past as a spectator looking on with renewed wisdom. Voices in the formation of the A.M.E. church and Bill Cosby’s lost son find a common place here, along with many other subjects, subjects making a diverse populace.” Afaa Weaver

Runners up: Cathleen Cohen – “The achievement here is to speak out of a celebration of the formation of imagery itself. The process of the appearance of an image made by some original thing is made even more fascinating in these poems.”

Sean Webb –“A compassionate look at what the food industry does to animals and humans, these poems form a clear appeal to a deeper justice. The song is one of sincerity.”

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