Barbara Brodsky author of Cosmic Healing

Wednesday, May 11, 7pm – New Age

Barbara Brodsky author of Cosmic Healing: A Spiritual Journey with Aaron and John of God ($18.95 North Atlantic Books)

Though studies have shown that nearly one in two Americans live with some kind of chronic condition, the American Journal of Psychiatry reports that people who make faith a significant part of their lives have a lower risk of depression and better manage their medical issues than those who do not. In her moving new book, Cosmic Healing, nationally recognized dharma teacher Barbara Brodsky shares her remarkable experience of overcoming the limitations of deafness and partial blindness with the aid of Aaron, a channeled spirit, and the healer John of God. With the onset of sudden profound deafness at the age of 29, Barbara Brodsky set out on a path to understand the nature of illness and healing, examining the interrelationship of mind and body and our capacity to transcend limitation. A longtime Buddhist practitioner who began meditation in the ’60s, Brodsky discovered an entirely new path on her healing journey when her channeling of the discarnate spirit Aaron began in 1989. A being of great love, compassion, wisdom, and gentle humor, Aaron came to Brodsky to not only reveal a path to self-healing, but to encourage her to help others do the same. Since then, Brodsky has shared the wisdom of Aaron with over 10,000 workshop participants worldwide in her over 20 years of teaching, touching the lives of  people from all walks of life. More than just a personal narrative, Cosmic Healing shares hope and real answers to questions like “How do we heal?” and “Why do some people heal while others do not?” through a combination of Buddhist teachings, channeled material from Aaron, and the author’s account of her experience with the world-renowned healer, John of God. While Cosmic Healing is channeled in part and has deep roots in traditional dharma, it is at heart a universal story of human growth and discovery. Old beliefs limit us every day. But, as Brodsky has discovered and teaches, we can learn to recognize such limiting beliefs, transcend them, and live a deeper truth. Barbara Brodsky is the founder and guiding teacher of Deep Spring Center for Meditation and Spiritual Inquiry, an interfaith center. She is also the channel for the spirit Aaron, since 1989. A guest on two episodes of NPR’s This American Life, she also appeared in the internationally acclaimed documentary One: The Movie (2005). Her writing has been included in the anthologies Being Bodies: Buddhist Women on the Paradox of Embodiment and Buddhist Acts of Compassion, and in numerous magazines and journals. Brodsky lives in Ann Arbor, MI

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