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Elephant Micah is music by southern Indiana based singer and sound recordist, Joseph O’Connell. Taking cues from 1970s songcraft (Townes Van Zandt, Joni Mitchell) as well as midwestern lo-fi rock (Guided by Voices), Elephant Micah has gradually built a cult audience over a decade of do-it-yourself releases and tours.

“At certain points on [Elephant Micah and the Loud Guitars], Indiana’s Elephant Micah sound a lot like the kind of basement wave psychedelia that made up the bulk of the Boston Twisted Village label throughout the 90s… At others they sound a little closer to twig pickers like Alasdair Roberts, Gene Clark and Richard Buckner. It’s a nice mix and the whole thing is executed with such primitive èlan and lack of concern for fidelity that it makes for a real endearing listen… a beautiful slice of narcoleptic folk that captures the lugubrious nothing-to-do feel of late summer days as well as the slow motion dance of dust in a ray of sunlight.” – David Keenan, The Wire

“Joe O’Connell has consisted churned out some of the best folk rock music out there.” – Beyond Brooklyn

“Like Townes Van Zandt without the whiskey bottle.” – Jason Molina, Magnolia Electric Company

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