coEXISTdance presents: “To by 5”

Saturday September 10, 8pm – Dance Sunday September 11, 2pm coEXISTdance presents: "To by 5" (For tickets, please contact the Festival Box Office, (215) 413-1318 or visit As artists, pioneers, and motivated, passionate individuals, Kelly Adorno and Kathleen Glynn strive to link the general world and the “artistic world” more closely. The partners aim to produce work choreographed with specific and personal ideas; while also inviting audiences to enjoy, absorb and mold their own interpretations. Ms. Adorno and Ms. Glynn value the sacredness of dance as a universal language and expression. Both choreographers set out to successfully transform whole thoughts and feelings into movement; the two are fascinated with the invaluable instrument of the human body and its infinite movement potential. coEXISTdance appreciates all forms and expression and will work to blend more art forms together, using them to inspire and overlap with each other.   Share
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