Dr. Akilah t’Zuberi author of 16 Mondays – For People Who Hate Their Jobs

Monday September 12, 7pm – Non-Fiction

Dr. Akilah t’Zuberi author of 16 Mondays – For People Who Hate Their Jobs

Mondays – for people who hate their jobs is a guide to uncovering the root cause of misery and unhappiness associated with the workplace. The average worker spends over 83,000 hours of their life working. For the majority of workers around the world, these are not happy hours. Unhappiness and misery translate into lost productivity, absenteeism, low morale and conflict resolution. The cost to employers and businesses globally is in the billions. What is even worse is that creativity is stifled. Dr. Akilah t’Zuberi is an author, metaphysician and artist. Her studies and writings focus on the shift in consciousness and the revolution in thought. In her second book 16 Mondays – for people who hate their jobs, Akilah focuses on the relationship between thought, emotions and the workplace experience. In the shift in consciousness, there is an emphasis placed on eliminating unsustainable practices in our relationship with the planet. Now, Dr. t’Zuberi looks at the unsustainable emotion of misery in the workplace environment and suggests a way to eliminate it. By shifting consciousness about the workplace and the relationships that inform it, Akilah suggests that unlimited potential awaits workers and businesses.


Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Akilah t’Zuberi describes her childhood as ‘nothing out of the normal.’ She was one of seven children born into her working-class family. Life for Akilah is harvesting lesson after lesson. “Usually I have the experience, and not too much later, I learn about the principle or the law which governs it,” says Akilah. “It’s living on the edge.” Akilah studied English at California State University, Sacramento, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Composition and a Master’s Degree in Women’s Literature. While in the midst of home schooling her three younger children, she decided on a study of theology. She looked at some of the programs offered at main stream universities, but was more impressed by non-traditional studies in metaphysics; the emphasis placed on spirituality as opposed to religion, the emphasis on the unseen and its relationship to all seen-living things. It was then that Akilah decided on a distance learning program offered by The American Institute of Holistic Theology, where she would later earn her Ph.D. Today, t’Zuberi lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, spending most of her time studying and writing on the Global Shift in Consciousness, making art, and teaching English Composition at Bucks Community College in Newtown, Pennsylvania.


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