Wednesday, November 30, 7pm – Non-Fiction ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE and ENSURING your RIGHT to PROTECT the EARTH Margaret Motheral was forced from her home in East Mt Airy in 2006 when the City of Philadelphia dug up a contaminated industrial site and used political strong arm to skip environmental procedure, fail to protect the neighborhood from varied haz mat public health hazards. She is currently under treatment for lead, mercury and cadmium exposure and will not be able to return to her home. Margaret Motheral fought to expose the hazards and wrongs. She discovered a history of chemical dumping and an underground creek filled with oil pockets. The city hid violations and refused to handle the problem lawfully. At her first complaint, they started a campaign of attacking her and denying civil rights to keep her quiet. In this ordeal Margaret has learned first hand about Environmental Justice, Brownfields and chemical illness which is rising globally. She also learned a lot about the deep web of corruption in Philadelphia. Additionally she wrote a Bill of Rights to help people be more empowered to know the health conditions of their environment. She found that no government agency worked for her or protected her. She has found other victims of Environmental Injustice crimes and discovered the same pattern of abuse and denial of protection by government agents paid to protect us. Please Join her to learn about this important issue. The load of chemicals in our world is rapidly rising and affecting all of us and we, the people, need more power, rights, and knowledge to clean up this deadly mess. Margaret Motheral is an entertaining and knowledgable speaker with a 30 year background in the healing arts. Light snacks provided and a drum for Earth Healing. Contact: 215.888.1167 wildmother@mac.com Share
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