Father Figures & The Danny Jonokuchi Experiment with Guest Artist John Swana-Evi

Friday, April 22, 9pm - $7 Cover - All Ages - Jazz & Rock Father Figures & The Danny Jonokuchi Experiment with Guest Artist John Swana-Evi Father Figures (Adam Schatz, tenor sax, effects; Jas Walton, tenor sax; Ross Edwards, keys; Spencer Zahn, bass; Ian Chang, drums) is a band of five friends from Brooklyn, making music that blends the composed and improvised into something that is wild, yet accessible. It is Zombie Jazz, and it is not your grandfather’s music… unless your grandfather juggled knives. Always melodic and strong willed, Father Figures manages sounds into sculptures to make you move your feet, then break a vase, and can neatly package these sounds into a 30 minute set ideal for a dirty basement, or an hour long set ideal for a slightly cleaner warehouse. But they’ll actually play anywhere, and won’t be stopped. The Danny Jonokuchi Experiment (GUEST ARTIST JOHN SWANA- EVI; Danny Jonokuchi, Trumpet; Alexa Barchini, Voice; Dave Sanders, Guitar; Tim Brey, Keyboards; Pat Lamborn, Bass; Kevin Daly, Drums) consists of some of the best young musicians in Philadelphia coming from Temple University. Their music combines complex harmony with fascinating electronic sounds and energetic beats. The repertoire is extremely varied and accessible to anyone from the craziest jazz fanatic to the average listener. The band prides itself in always creating intense live performances ripe with high-spirited solos and brilliantly executed arrangements. Share
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