Gregory Tkac author of Boy Meets Girl, The End

Saturday, May 19, 7pm – Fiction

Gregory Tkac author of Boy Meets Girl, The End

Cecil is your typical happy-go-lucky guy, content with his life just the way that it is – and why shouldn’t he be? He’s got everything he could possibly want: a good job and his own place in the city, a boisterous group of friends he’s known since kindergarten, and a hot-blooded girlfriend that always keeps him on his toes. As far as he’s concerned, life is perfect, and he wouldn’t change a thing.

Angela is your typical planning-for-her-future girl, ready for the life she knows is coming her way – and why shouldn’t she be? She’ll have everything she’s always wished for: a lovely home, a couple of beautiful children, and a loving and supportive husband that shares her dreams and passions. As far as she’s concerned, life will be perfect – if only she can get Cecil to understand that he’s going to have to change a few things about himself in the meantime.

Linda isn’t your typical woman (or typical person for that matter), and would probably give you an earful for using the word “typical” and her name in the same sentence. She needs even more freedom in her life than guys like Cecil, and is two steps ahead of women like Angela on a slow day. Men (and women) adore her, and she’s got more than enough love for the whole world combined – so why isn’t she satisfied with her life? Seems like she still has a few more things to figure out – and Cecil just might be one of them.

Boy Meets Girl, The End is a modern-day fable that takes on the challenge of the age-old paradox, “What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?” – or in this case, what happens when a woman whose biological clock is ticking falls for a man who’s just looking for a good time?

Born in the culturally turbulent world of 1968, Gregory Tkac grew up among the open spaces and closed minds of suburbia and developed an early appreciation for the subversive qualities inherent in music, literature and Northeastern sarcasm. His Reagan-era high school and university years convinced him of the need to ditch his teenage hardcore punk uniform and try to work from within the system (so idyllic, he knows), which eventually led to a career as an “Optimistic Social Worker Intent On Changing The World.” Moves to the West Coast and then back to the East through the 90’s broadened his mind and his skills (and repertoire), and the change to a new millennium and La Vida Conyugal introduced him to new worlds South of the Border and Across the Pond. An ardent city dweller who hates all things that end in “-pollution”, he currently resides in the CH with his “Optimistic Environmental Scientist Intent On Changing The World” wife, who patiently answers all of his questions about Biology and Chemistry while lovingly proving to him that not everyone needs to be a drama queen to get their point across. His hobbies include rocking the f out, trash picking (people throw away such good stuff, it’s ridiculous), OCD, bombing hills on a single speed, and die Gesundheit.

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