John Gilmore author of Reunion of Souls

Thursday, April 12, 7pm – Fiction

John Gilmore author of Reunion of Souls ($16.95 iuniverse)

Roy Bodger is a charismatic Baptist minister and dedicated seeker of God. Something happens that Roy doesn’t expect during a near death experience-an answer to his prayers. He sees God, but she is a pagan goddess. The beautiful golden figure says, “What would you ask if you had a chance to talk face to face with God, Roy? Now here’s your chance.” Roy’s conversation with Her turns his whole life upside down, as he remembers who he really is and who God really is.

Roy is one of a group of the people of Atlantis who promised, life after life, to remember who they were and to work together to heal the Breaking of the World. Join Roy and his party on their journey across America where they encounter adventure after adventure and commune with highly evolved spirits. Read as they oil the wheels-the spiritual people who will preserve the good seeds of western civilization when it crashes and help usher in the Beloved Community. Enjoy the lessons channeled by Kendall Ronin that connect with your soul as you remember who you are and who God really is. This book is a must read for the spiritual seeker.

Dr. John W. Gilmore is a minister in the Northeastern United States. He has a D. Min., in Work and Spirituality from the University of Creation Centered Spirituality in Oakland, CA.

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