Josey Foo author of A Lily Lillies

Tuesday March 6, 7pm - Poetry Josey Foo author of A Lily Lilies ($15.95 Nightboat Books) Landscape and kinetic expression meet in this collection of poetry, dance choreography, and photographs A cross-genre book of poetry, photography and notes for choreography, A Lily Lilies maps space through language, language through movement, and both space and movement through pictures in sections that move from immense spaces of the American Southwest to a dance stage in Philadelphia to the space of the self. “Mapping across space/time, cultures and sensibilities A Lily Lilies expresses the interweaving of the poetry of dance and the dance of poetry. Beautiful work!”—Pauline Oliveros The Lily Lilies The swallow swallows, the lily lilies. That’s all there is. Horses horse and objects of definable shape define each other. Living beings, in a manner, keep living. JOSEY FOO grew up in Malaysia. She received an AB from Vassar College, an MFA from Brown University, and a JD from the University of Pennsylvania. She is the author of Endou and Tomie’s Chair and for the past ten years has worked on the Navajo Nation. Share
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