Krista Parrish Trio CD Release Party


At a glance Krista Parrish will likely draw you in with her beauty and contagious smile but below the surface is a deeply intellectual, timeless songwriter. She sings with a range and tone that is exceptional, writes clever lyrics that will touch your heart, and plays the strings off a guitar. Krista’s picking style, percussive strumming, two handed finger tapping technique, and intricate chord progressions present a unique quality to every performance. But her ability to combine such virtuosity on her instrument with equal vocal technique truly separates Krista from most contemporary singer songwriters. In any performance, she will share emotion and honesty, sweet, yet raw, whether she is scatting or breaking your heart with a sultry tone.

Krista spent her early performing years as a soloist perfecting her style and building a following around Philadelphia and surrounding tri state area. She then began playing live shows with her brother Corey Parrish as a duo act. Soon afterwards, the Krista Parrish Band was formed with the addition of her father Dennis Parrish and husband Steve Murphy. Krista performed solo and with the band from 2006 through 2009. In early 2008, her brother and best friend Corey Parrish suddenly passed away. Krista took a break from playing shows to grieve and reevaluate her path. During this tragic and pivotal time, Krista wrote two and a half albums of music including several songs inspired by Corey.

Recently Krista has formed a new trio with husband Steven Murphy and drummer Michael Fazekas. Switching off between piano, guitar and mandolin, the new trio has given Krista a lot of room to grow, experiment and share the writing process with her fellow musicians. “It’s a match made in heaven and a blessing to be playing with two people whom I connect so strongly with musically.” says Parrish.

After finishing up a new EP, “A Taste Of What’s To Come”, featuring songs Easier Said Than Done and When, Krista is now focused on recording her long awaited album, “Playing With Pendulums” with her new trio. This album will debut Krista’s true indie side with intense finger tapping and fingerstyle instrumentals, indie pop songs with introspective lyrics and interesting guitar tunings. “I wrote a lot of this album after my brother passed away so some of it is very intense. “Though the music is drenched with love and Corey’s inspiration, you can take the emotion and feel it any way you happen to connect with it.”, says Parrish.

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  1. Ceci says:

    My boyfriend and I were really looking forward to checking this show out. We have never heard of Krista Parrish but reading her biography we thought it would be something we would enjoy. I called to get tickets to the show and after speaking with a very lackluster guy we changed our mind. All I asked is if there are tickets still available, he put me on hold and when he got back on the phone he said, “Who is this? Krista wants to know.” Should it matter? Once they figured out she didn’t know me I was told there’s only standing room available. We were willing to pay $20 to watch you perform. Tip for the future, if you want to make it in music, just be glad somebody, ANYBODY is willing to pay to hear you perform. If it was a private party you shouldn’t have posted it online.

  2. nebadon says:

    Hi Ceci, thanks for the comment, sorry about your experience. I was the one that spoke to you on the phone and I wasn’t aware that it was a private event until you had called and I asked Ms. Parrish about it. I am the one who posted the buy tickets button, so it is my fault. Again, sorry for the inconvenience and I understand your aggravation. I will try to do a better job in the future to know what the artist wants as far as ticket sales are concerned.