Brenda’s Child author of The Right Amount of Sunshine

Saturday, October 16, 7pm – Memoir

Brenda’s Child author of The Right Amount of Sunshine…Cultivating Little Girls into Young Ladies

Brenda’s Child has made it her life’s mission to inspire people through poetry and stories and through leading by example with courage, confidence, and integrity. Born Latoya Bosworth, she dubbed herself Brenda’s Child at the age of 21, in honor of her late mother Brenda Kay Swinton. But really.. who is she? She loves to write poetry that is uplifting and relatable.  Brenda’s Child emphasizes self-love, worth,  and value. She also feels obligated to tell the truth…  even if it hurts. Her poetry is currently featured in the Pen&Ink column of the Massachusetts community newspaper   “An African-American Point of View”. In addition to four books of poetry, Brenda’s Child has a one woman show, Wonderfully Imperfect and Full of Complexity based on her blog, and memoir, Brenda’s Child shares her journey of losing her mother at age four, and how it ultimately helped to shaped her into a “Self-proclaimed Diva and the Queen of Self-esteem.” In between stories, both tragedies and triumphs, she incorporates Poetry (from her various collections) highlighting how discovering this outlet would eventually  “save” her life. Wonderfully Imperfect touches on topics like identity, love, death, overcoming  obstacles, goals and dreams, with the reoccurring theme “Everything happens for a reason.” The message in the end is not allowing negative circumstances define who we are, or who we become, and how important it is for each of us to GIVE, even when we feel we have nothing to offer. Wonderfully Imperfect promises to move audiences of all backgrounds, leaving them in tears, and filled with inspiration.

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