Sunday, January 3, 2pm – Jaybird & Zach Caruso


The history of Jaybird is one that has created songs around campfires and silenced warm coffee shops. Peter Rosati started playing guitar at the same time that his Brother Jacob started drums. “It came naturally,” Jacob says. “But we never made a band out of our playing; just showed each other what we were writing at the time.” Their music went on this way through years of practicing and writing. The turning point came when Jacob joined Peter’s band to replace the old drummer. They started to write together and little did they know that Jaybird was beginning to take shape. The future of Jaybird is not planned out; there are no set goals. For Peter and Jacob Rosati Jaybird is something they could not do without. “I don’t how far this will take us, but I do know it won’t stop unless we let it. Jake and I have been playing together since I had a guitar; there is too much behind Jaybird, too much of a connection, too much history, too many experiences, for an end to be seen. The words we put together are purposeful. And personal. “I get chills in my toes when we play…it’s beautiful.” Peter Rosati To this day Jaybird continues to be about what it started as: growing, learning, and remembering.

Zach Caruso is a guitarist/singer/songwriter from southern New Jersey. His love of music began at an early age after acts like Green Day and The Black Crowes sparked his interest in the guitar. Completely self-taught, he began singing and writing his own original music by the age of 14. Zach’s musical tastes began to mature, and so did the music he wrote. Acts such as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Joe Bonamassa re-fueled his love of guitar as well as peaked his interest in older style classic rock/blues music, while performers like Ben Harper and The John Butler Trio opened his eyes to new genres. Many of his songs hearken back to the older days of rock music, while others have a fresh new style, and others still are difficult to classify. One thing is for sure; his wide range of musical influences has given him the tools to try his hand at an assortment of different musical styles. A senior at Rowan University, Zach has continued on with his love of writing as a Journalism major, and has written numerous sports articles for local papers. But his passion still lies with music, and his songwriting continues to grow and develop. At 21, Zach has now hit his stride. His eclectic blend of musical styles and influences sets him apart from his peers, and he refuses to be pigeonholed into any one specific genre.

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