The Bukowski Birthday Bash

Thursday, August 16, 9pm - BYOB - $10 Cover - Poetry & Music - Refreshments Moonstone, Elliott Levin & Papais Present The Bukowski Birthday Bash with The Bukowski Project featuring Frank PeterSun as “Hank” Donato Lepore - Guitar Elliott Levin - Reeds Boggs Dorsey - Bass Cornel Rochester - Drums Byrd Williams - Keyboard & Vocals The Project graces any bar “Hank” can drink in, and will turn the laugh of drunken poetry fresh in the soul. Donato Lepore on guitar can take a heart string places it hasn’t been before; 30 years here in Philadelphia, studying and playing blues and Jazz guitar makes him one of the best. Elliott Levin on reeds; from coast to coast, boarder to boarder he plays with anybody and everybody wants to play; sax man who ‘breaths’ the notes. Byrd Williams on keyboards and vocals is the little man with the big sound. Boggs Dorsey on bass guitar so long and deep he remembers as a kid that bassmen only used their thumbs to play, he’s got your gut. And Cornel Rochester, the drummer so alive you might think Max Roach was there; he picks you right up and takes you along as the rest of the band tickles your fancies. This Jazzed Blues will make you smile while “Hank” laughs in your beer. Open Reading at 8:30, bring your poetry! Share
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