Poets & Prophets: Carol Bond

Poets & Prophets presents

Carol Bond aka Carol Ann was “not raised by wolves; it only seems that way”. She is the author of a number of chapbooks including Poems of Thunder, though most of her books are yet to be published. She has participated in open readings at Fox Chase Review, Green Line Café, Mad Poets Society, Moonstone and Speakeasy (U Penn). This will be her first Feature Reading. Carol Bond states she Began writing at the age of 53 and followed in the path of her mother, a phot-journalist. Carol Ann has also painted and sculpted but will “continue to write until something wonderful happens.” Carol says her work reflects these main issues; “tainted love, things that glimmer in the night, forces of nature, the low lifes of society, whores, pimps, gangsters”. Carol Bond is a force of nature and her work is exceedingly fierce.

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