Stan Mir, Jena Osman & Margaret Young

Sunday April 15, 4pm _ Poetry

Stan Mir, Jena Osman & Margaret Young

Stan Mir author of song & glass ($14.00 Subito Press)

Stan Mir is the author of two books of poetry, SONG & GLASS and THE LACUSTRINE SUITE, as well as the chapbooks Flight Patterns and Test Patterns. His work has also appeared in Fascicle, Ixnay, LVNG, and The Poker. He lives in Philadelphia where he occasionally writes for his blog Best Nightmare You Get! Recently, he co-edited the Lew Welch page for the Electronic Poetry Center

“The self superimposed on the world outside the window is the window, which is also the world, and to listen to a mind in fast-forward say so simply slows down one’s sense of it. This is not a paradox or an aphorism. It’s the tape hiss and prepared piano accompanying Stan Mir’s SONG & GLASS, a poetics of deep structure and a picture of consciousness in motion. Here, the modernist tradition through the New American poetries (all of them!) meet in melody and discord and the self striving to make sense of it all and hopefully to pay off some debt in the process”—Noah Eli Gordon.

Jena Osman author of The Network ($17.95 Fence Books)

“Like an archeologist of the American idiom, The Network brilliantly excavates the material remains and missing histories of our collective semantic strata. From the annual Philadelphia Mummers Parade and the Wall Street Financial District to the tragic 1845 Arctic expedition of Sir John Franklin, Osman’s poetic assemblages teach us “how to map a changing thing” with grace, acumen, and a relentless documentary drive.” -Mark Nowak

Jena Osman’s books include THE NETWORK, AN ESSAY IN ASTERISKS, and The Character. Her work has been translated into French, Swedish, and Serbo-Croatian. With Juliana Spahr (with whom she edited the literary magazine CHAIN for twelve years) she edits the ChainLinks Book Series. Osman teaches in the graduate Creative Writing Program at Temple University.

Margaret Young author of Almond Town: Poems by Margaret Young ($16.00 Bright Hills Press)

Poet Margaret Young uses costumes, food, old pop songs, as well as nature, and just about everything else on this world stage for material for her writing. Nothing is too insignificant or marginal: she gives a voice to it all. As her mentor the poet Gary Snyder taught her, poets should give voice to that cannot be voiced; this includes everything in the human world. Young is a poet and a professor at Endicott College in Beverly, Mass. Her latest book of poetry is “Almond Town.” She earned an M.A. in Creative Writing from the University of California, Davis, and co-founded the Open Door Theatre Company.

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