Susan Van Allen author of 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go

Tuesday, March 1, 7pm – Travel

Susan Van Allen

author of 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go ($18.95 Travelers’ Tales Inc.)

It’s an undeniable fact that traveling to Italy is a dream for many women. While many travel guides offer dry lists of facts and can only guide travelers toward cookie-cutter tours, this female-centered guide allows women to create a personalized, fulfilling journey. Written in lively anecdotes and organized by vacation type, this book offers a range of possibilities for any budget, interest, and level of travel experience. A godsend for women looking to finally fulfill their Italian fantasies, vacation types include Hepburn s Roman Holiday and Venetian Carnevale, as well as additional information on great shopping, the best beaches, and culinary-themed jaunts. With passion, humor, and helpful details, 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go inspires travelers to discover masterpieces, sensual delights, and adventures in bell Italia.

“This book makes me want to pack my bag with the lightest of clothing and follow Susan Van Allen’s alluring suggestions for traveling in Italy. Her knowledge reveals an intimacy with the country and a honed sense of adventure. Andiamo!” -Frances Mayes, author of Under the Tuscan Sun

“I’ve just returned from six weeks in Italy and how I wish I’d had Van Allen’s book. It positively sparkles with delight in all matters female, which, it turns out, is an optimal way to reveal particularly delicious matters Italian. Italy has a new portrait: sexy and savvy. Makes a gal smile in English and Italian, to eat up this compendium of Italy’s most delectable women’s outings.” -Anne Calcagno, author of Pray for Yourself and editor of Travelers’ Tales Italy

“That old Freudian chestnut-‘What do women really want?!’-has been answered once again in yet another appealing Travelers’ Tales opus specifically designed for women. In this instance, Susan Van Allen has romped through an Italy replete with seductive goddesses and female saints, architectural wonders, beauty spas, entrancing beaches, shopping sprees and craft/cultural courses, and picked the very best, mixing dreamy delights with drops of dainty decadence. Van Allen suggests readers: ‘treat this book like a cookbook.and make a full meal of it.’ She obviously did. You could-and you should.” -David Yeadon, author of Seasons in Basilicata and The Way of the Wanderer

“Forget throwing that coin in the fountain. No matter how many times you’ve been to Italy and think you know it, reading Susan Van Allen’s 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go almost guarantees a return trip. Now I must visit Siena, not for the Palio, but because it was here that St. Catherine bucked family expectations and proclaimed her commitment to Christ, thereby becoming a medieval woman to be reckoned with. Susan took her exhaustive research and whipped up a delightful book you’ll only put down long enough to check the flights to that fascinating country.” -Carol Coviello-Malzone, author of Flavors of Rome: How What & Where to Eat in the Eternal City

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