The Last Word Webisode Screening Party

Thursday, December 16,  8pm – $2  Cover & the entertainment is FREE

The Last Word Webisode Screening Party

A screening party for the release of a webisode of The Last Word – a collection of performances and skits with the Last Word flavor…

On the same day at the same time of the usual Last Word, the 3rd Thursday of the month we are doing something DIFFERENT. For the FIRST time EVER anywhere… The Last Word releases its Webisode Simulcast… Produced and Written by the same creative conglomerate that brings you the Last Word every month. Think Dave Chapelle, In Living Color and a little bit of everything else Mixxxed IN… There will be skits, performances and music in a 30 minute pre-recorded show released on the internet @ 8pm on social networking and video networking sites EVERYWHERE!

As an added bonus, all of our fans are invited to a special screening party on the night of the simulcast… The Last Word Webisode Screening Party. Dec 16th @ 8pm. At the ONE & ONLY Moonstone Arts Gallery. Last Show of the Year!

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