The Weekly Revue

Friday, May 20, 8pm -$4-6 – BYOB – Variety The Weekly Revue The Weekly Revue!  Your Host Toby Lou The Nasty One is thrilled to be able to put to you an evening of entertainment entirely erotic, sexual, sexy, nasty, arousing, and offending!  The Weekly Revue has brought you the sex lives of slugs and bed bugs and semen gobbling primates in the past, but this month we finally bare our all too human genitals (figuratively-ish) with a show devoted to homo sapien sexuality.  FEATURING: THE SUPREME DIVA MISS TINA MONTGOMERY - Drag performer extraordinaire performance and Q+A.  THE ART OF GARRET EDWARDS - A slideshow of filthy photographs the emerged from a madman's erect solitude.  PLUS SEX EDUCATION FROM A QUALIFIED INDIVIDUAL, CLASSIC NAUGHTY TUNES FROM LOS CULEROS, AND THE UNGIRDLED EXPRESIONS OF YOUR HOST TOBY LOU!  DON'T DARE MISS IT! Share
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