Versandra Kennebrew author of Thank God for the Shelter: Memoirs of a Homeless Healer

Wednesday August 3, 7pm – Non-Fiction
Versandra Kennebrew author of Thank God for the Shelter: Memoirs of a Homeless Healer

Versandra Kennebrew is the author of Thank God for the Shelter: Memoirs of a Homeless Healer, homeless advocate, self-improvement teacher and national speaker. After more than 20 years in the retail industry, downsizing and the economic stump triggered by the terrorist attacks of 9/11 crippled this entrepreneur, landing her in a Detroit area shelter for women. Neither depression nor poverty could keep her down. Today, she speaks at colleges and universities across the country and can absolutely help reinvent how you overcome life’s challenges, change your perspective on what it really means to hit “rock bottom” and leverage the power of your potential to create the life you want.

“Several years ago, life’s imminent struggle had placed Kennebrew between a rock and a hard place, leaving her homeless, broke, cold, and hungry. Faced with crippling despair, no resources, emotionally bruised by the wicked wrench that life had thrown into the spokes of her once prosperously spinning wheel, Kennebrew eventually fastened her bootstraps, restructured her life, got it together, and made a vicious comeback. Today, Kennebrew is quickly becoming a successful business owner and an acclaimed holistic health educator and healer. She recently returned to school, founded the ‘Touch is Great Campaign’, and joined a vibrant network of other women with similar goals to heal, motivate, and uplift. Recently inducted into the International Honor Society, Kennebrew says that part of her mission is “to encourage each of my friends to reach, fight, strive for their goals in life but never forget that education opens the door to true freedom.” So, Kennebrew’s paperback story is a good one because it grapples with an issue that is often overlooked, and the book actually engages the community and provides relief and comfort to those dealing with similar issues. On that note, everyone loves a winner’s tale, and in these perilous times of economic and spiritual conflict, Kennebrew’s book is just what the doctor ordered. And that is why Thank God for the Shelter: memoirs of a homeless healer is a necessary and worthwhile read.” Push Nevahda

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  1. Versandra says:

    Calling all Philadelphia college students studying the social sciences: You don’t want to miss this event. Come and bring a friend. I’m looking forward to meeting you.