Wade Rathke in Discussion

Friday, March 23, 6:30pm – Non-Fiction

Wade Rathke in Discussion

Wade founded and ran ACORN from 1970 until 2008, and since then has directed ACORN International, working in a dozen countries around the world, mostly in megaslums in India, Kenya, and Latin America, but also in Canada, Italy, and Czech Republic, where we are reproducing membership organizations of the poor. He is author of Citizen Wealth: Winning the Campaign to Save Working Families, Global Grassroots: International Perspectives on Organizing and Battle for the Ninth Ward: ACORN, Rebuilding New Orleans, and the Lessons of Disaster. Rathke is in Philadelphia to see, visit, and dialogue with folks who he hasn’t seen since he left ACORN, here what the community is thinking, see what’s happening in our world for our kinda folks.

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