Weekly Revue Returns

Friday, November 18, $3-5, BYOB, 8pm Doors, show starts promptly at 9 PM – Variety Show
The Weekly Revue Returns to Philadelphia with less fear and more fearlessness than ever!  We been runnin and slummin elsewhere’s, but fresh off a Rabbincal gig in New Orleans your host, Toby Lou, is so proud to present those highly seasonal varietals of only the heirloomest indivduality and lunchbox qualities.  Stuffin your guts with brainmeal, we gonna make ourselves a movement!  Come out to see Charmaine and Charmaine’s Names! – Philly’s new premiere Lounge act; Malwina Andruczyk – She’s pierogie funny, that means belly laughs; Dwight Smith – Classically trained heart-throb fingerpluckin love tendons; Los Culeros – Our Sodden House Band!; AND YOUR UNCLE – Toby Lou – The Nasty One!  Come with the ones you love!

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