Women’s Writing & Spoken Word: Jesse White and Lee ScottLorde

Wednesday, May 18, 7pm – $5 Cover – Multi-Genre

The Women’s Writing & Spoken Word Series presents

Jesse White and Lee ScottLorde

Jesse White is an Expressionistic painter, writer and altered book artist. Conveying emotion through themes of love, loss and spirit, her writing is deeply personal, honest and often raw. She finds creating to be both restorative and spiritual. Jesse teaches the process of cathartic art making through her organization, Pigeon Arts. A Leeway Foundation grant awardee, she has facilitated her workshops with the Trans community, teen writing groups, spiritual communities, youth survivors/witnesses of domestic violence and murder, adults with chronic illnesses, and the general public. Contact: Jesse(at)pigeon-arts.com

Lee ScottLorde says: “I am a Temple University bred performance poet who has been writing poetry for the last 13 years, and professionally performing for two. I write now for the same reasons I began: to inform, entertain, liberate, and give a voice that will destroy the silences that bind and render us invisible. Poetry is so many things; political, romantic, spiritual or religious, and therapeutic. For me, poetry is an extension of living, and time. In a poem, I have the honor of experiencing every moment again and again, be it pleasurable and joyous or hard and mournful, just as I, he, or she, felt in that moment.  In a poem one can even write to change history.  It’s makes tangible the statement “If I could I would…” because in poetry you and I can.  However dreaming and speaking it is only the first step. We too must live out our words. Currently I am in the process of establishing Sweethearts For Charity, a nonprofit bakery, that will fund-raise to support organizations and causes that aid undeserved populations in Philadelphia and writing my first book of poetry, Lopsided Warrior: The Silent Battle of Motherhood.” Contact: Lee.ScottLorde(at)gmail.com

Hosted with live music by Cassendre Xavier! Always includes a Mixed-Gender Open Mic! Streams LIVE at www.moonstoneartscenter.org, click on the Watch Live button. Founded in 2002 by Cassendre Xavier, the Women’s Writing & Spoken Word Series is a nurturing environment that celebrates women in the craft of multi-genre writing. For submissions and other information, please visit www.WomensWritingSeries.org.

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