Working Words: Punching the Clock and Kicking Out the Jams

Sunday, October 17, 2pm – Group Reading

Working Words: Punching the Clock and Kicking Out the Jams: Anthology edited and introduced by M. L. Liebler ($22.00 Coffee House Press) Presenters include M.L. Lieber, W.D. Ehrhart, Maria Mazziotti Gillan, Lamont Steptoe and Richard Peabody.

Jobs are at the forefront of the national consciousness, yet there is a dearth of literature written by and for workers. This anthology—of fiction, memoir, poetry, rock lyrics, and astute historical analysis—fills the gap for readers both young and old, as well as students of literature and labor history. A collection about living while barely making one, about layoffs and picket lines, about farmers, butchers, miners, waitresses, assembly-line workers, and the “Groundskeeper Busted Reading in the Custodial Water Closet,” this is literature by the people and for the people—a transcendent volume that touches upon all aspects of working-class life.

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