A Roomful of Truth: A Tribute to Lamont B. Steptoe

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A Roomful of Truth:

A Tribute to Lamont B. Steptoe


Tribute Cover“The Moonstone Arts Center hosted a celebration and reception for Philadelphia poet, photographer, and publisher Lamont B. Steptoe entitled A Roomful of Truth:  A Tribute to Lamont B. Steptoe, on February 6, 2016 at the Brandywine Workshop.  Put together by Larry Robin at the suggestion of local author Peter Baroth and Poets and Prophets founder Bob Small, the program featured readings by Lamont himself and by contributors to the booklet of tributes and appreciations presented to him in honor of the occasion and in recognition of his many contributions to the Philadelphia cultural community.  Other friends and admirers spoke and read as well.  A native of Pittsburgh, Lamont’s talent was encouraged at an early age by a teacher who recognized his outstanding gifts and galvanized his own budding sense of vocation.  Service in Vietnam left him with a deepened and tragic sense of experience, which he developed with further mentorship from some of the major African-American writers of the time and the inspiration of an influential spiritual ancestor, Langston Hughes.  A fixture on the Philadelphia scene for more than three decades, Lamont himself has left an impressive record of mentorship in his community.  This was attested at the celebration by students and fellow writers, who warmly acknowledged his unstinting generosity in sharing his gifts, his poetic example, and his personal odyssey.  Lamont’s own recollections and commentary, as well as his eloquent readings, provided the culminating moments of the event.  Sean Lynch, the editor of Whirlwind Magazine, served as its host.  The author and/or editor of some fifteen verse collections and the recipient of numerous honors and awards, including an American Book Award and a Pew Fellowship in the Arts, Lamont Steptoe has represented and honored his adopted city as have few others.  The Moonstone Arts Center takes pride in adding its own tribute to an illustrious career, still very much in progress.”

Reviewed by: Robert Zaller

Lamont B. Steptoe is a poet / photographer / publisher born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is the author and/or editor of fifteen poetry collections, the latest of which is Meditations in Congo Square. He is the winner of an American Book Award and a Pew Fellowship in the Arts. Steptoe is a father, Vietnam veteran, founder of Whirlwind Press and graduate of Temple University.

Included in this Chapbook

  • LAMONT by Barbara A. Sheehan-Inside Front Cover
  • Introduction by Bob Small
  • Peter Baroth – Picasso Depolarizes, 1906
  • Adriann “The Pen” Bautista – For Mr. Steptoe
  • Julia Bouwsam – Blessing for When There’s a Ghost under Your Tongue
  • Robert Burns – For Lamont
  • Jim Cory – Lamont Steptoe
  • Pheralyn Dove – Respect
  • Lillian Dunn – The day Lamont Steptoe lit my cigarette in Rittenhouse Square
  • Mary Gabriele – Lamont
  • Keith Gilyard – lamont 67
  • Theodore Harris – On a Nail
  • Bill Holmes – My Pen Bleeds
  • Quincy Scott Jones – Driving Around Philly Taking Lamont Back Home
  • Bea Joyner – Lamont Steptoe
  • Lisa Konigsberg – Making the World
  • Warren Longmire – Groupon Discount Gun Lesson For One
  • Jim Mancinelli – The Litany of Wannas
  • Bernadette McBride – The Potato Eaters
  • Bob McNeil -In the Footsteps of Steptoe
  • Ann E. Michael – The Universe Claims Its Own
  • Aaren Perry – Walking The Night
  • Elijah B. Pringle.III – I Have Had Times
  • Don Riggs – Sonnet Inspired by a Line Lamont Wrote
  • Danny A. Romero – A Short Prose Piece for Lamont
  • Naila Schulte – The Paper-People Speaker
  • Barbara A. Sheehan – LAMONT
  • Hal Sirowitz – Lamont Steptoe
  • Bob Small – A Roomful of Truth
  • Sally Jo Sorensen – Foreclosure
  • Jeanne Carbonara Sutton – Antic Acrstic, Honoring Lamont
  • J.C. Todd- Appearing in Living Ink
  • Jim Trainer – Gramercy
  • Allison Whittenberg – Sometimes Poets Cry
  • Kimmika L.H. Williams-Witherspoon – For Steptoe
  • Alice Wootson – Veteran
  • Robert Zell – Honored
  • Afterword by Sean Lynch
  • Le Mer – Inside Back Cover
  • Antic Acrostic, Honoring Lamont by Jeanne Carbonara Sutton-Inside Back Cover
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