Who Do You Love?

Tuesday July 7, 2015, 6:30-(Doors open at 5:30)

“No writer of world renown is perhaps so little known to North Americans as Chilean poet Pablo Neruda,” observed New York Times Book Review critic Selden Rodman. Numerous critics have praised Neruda as the greatest poet writing in the Spanish language during his lifetime, a difficulty lies in the fact that Neruda’s poetry is very hard to translate; his works available in English represent only a small portion of his total output. Nonetheless, declared John Leonard in the New York Times, Neruda “was, I think, one of the great ones, a Whitman of the South.”

Moonstone Publishing

Moonstone has published an anthology for our annual Poetry Ink program for several years and talked about publishing books for the poets we work with. In 2014 we have launched The Moonstone Press with two books, two chapbooks by individual poets as well as two anthologies. 2015 will see many more books with The Moonstone Press imprint. Please contact us if you are interested in this program which includes publication, a launch event and sales.
  • 19th Annual Poetry Ink
  • Speaking to Power by Robert Zaller
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    Poetic Quid Pro Quo

    Another poet reads your poem, then you read it.......

    From 7:00 pm

    At Fergie's Pub

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    Who Do You Love? Pablo Neruda

    A live poetry talk show and cover open mic, broadcast live at 6:30 on the first Tuesday of each month.

    From 6:30

    At PhillyCAM

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    Kathy Barham, Beth Feldman Brandt, Julia Lopez & Janice McDermott

    Moonstone Poetry @ Fergie's Pub

    From 7:00 pm

    At Fergie's Pub

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