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Erik Sayles Trio 6/2/10

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  1. nebadon says:

    i listen to the birds,
    polyrhythmic harmonies spill from thick ivy walls,
    i watch them fly,
    enjoying the warm air freedom of feather physics,
    i watch them walk,
    short skirts and clik-clak heels,
    high cheeks and high ideals,
    they watch me too,
    smiling sly in the sun.


    There’s a liquid
    one drop of which will

    keep you drunk for days

    But it goes by so fast
    you might miss it

    I’ve seen the bottle it’s kept in
    dematerialize at the horizon

    and become first clouds of
    superlative whiteness

    then pure sky of a
    spectacular blue

    There’s an air once breathed
    our ribcage expanded around it

    that lightly touches far mountaintops
    and makes even newborn does quiver

    There’s an anger that falls out from our
    sides like fans as we walk into light’s waterfall

    to the point we no longer
    recognize ourselves in its glass

  3. Mera Moore says:


    for Phyllis Hoge

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    net of imagination
    smaller world
    bigger problems
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    (C) 2010 Mera Moore