100,000 Poets Reading Schedule – September 27th

 Starting @ 3:45  
Cleff Club   Youth Jazz Ensemble
Starting @ 4:15  
Kathy Barham
Jacqueline Bagley
Antonia Batts
Michele Belluomini
Veronica Bowlan
Elizabeth Catanese
Marion Cowen
Chris Davis
Carlos Dufflar
Starting @ 4:45  
James Freeman
Earl H. Gabriel
Courtney Gambrell
David Gordon
Steve Halogen
Sean Hanrahan
T.S. Hawkins
Darla Himeles
B.E. Kahn
Kinard Lang
Starting @ 5:15  
Alexander Marshall
Angel Martinez
John Mason
Octavia McBride-Ahebee
Pat McLean
MaryAnn   L. Miller
Ewuare Osayande
Deborah Salvatore
Nina Schafer
Starting @ 5:45  
Naila Schulte
Lisa Sewell
Christpher Sohnly
Ivan Taub
Natalia Tomassini
Fay Warner
Anton Yakovlev
Bob Zell
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