Mentor & Mentored: Lynn Levin w/ Her Fall 2012 Drexel University Poetry Writing Class

Wednesday November 28, 7pm – Poetry

Moonstone Poetry Series Presents Mentor and Mentored

Lynn Levin with Her Fall 2012 Drexel University Poetry Writing Class

Lynn Levin is the author of four poetry collections: Miss Plastique (forthcoming in 2013), Fair Creatures of an Hour, Imaginarium, A Few Questions about Paradise, and a craft-of-poetry book, Poems for the Writing: Prompts for Poets, with co-author Valerie Fox (forthcoming in 2013).

Alex Chae, Adam Cho, Marco Colbert, Ben Greenfield, Kelsey Heath, S. L. Kaplan, Antonella Marafioti, Eric Muth, Ryan Nasino, Joe Nguyen, Mirna Norales, Emem Okoh, Ashley Otis, Sam Pita, J Pré, Brandon Rupert, Andy Webb, Anne Willis. The students in Lynn Levin’s fall poetry writing class are majoring in a wide variety of fields including business, nursing, TV and cinema, engineering, music, and English. They all share a love of poetry and write in many styles on many themes.


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