Moonstone Poetry @ Brandywine Workshop

Moonstone Poetry @ Brandywine Workshop

728 S. Broad Street

Siduri & Jaya Present

Tuesday October 15, 6:30pm

Chosen by Sonia Sanchez to represent the Youth Poet Laureate’s position (“Hear the sound of these young poets’ rhythm on our teeth this year. Hear the sound of beauty on their breast this year.”), Siduri Beckman and Jaya Montaque present poetry and poets they like.

Siduri Beckman Presents Elizabeth Heit

Siduri Beckman is a student at Julia R. Masterman School – “I really think [poetry] can be used to help teens with issues, a lot of grown-ups don’t understand what teenagers feel. Poetry is this super-raw form of expression [in which] teenagers can talk about the issues that they face.”

My name is Elizabeth Heit and I am a senior at Masterman High School, where I have been since fifth grade. Now working on my college applications, I intend on pursuing a career in a field of the humanities. I also very much enjoy writing poetry in my free time.

Jaya Montaque Presents Muriyd Fuller

Jaya Montague, Philadelphia Young Playwrights Youth Council Member and student at the Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts has been writing since she was five years old.

Muriyd Fuller –  “Old souls discover themselves by studying and presenting the rules of the world. I desire only to be the one that reminds the world that the old are wise and the young are far beyond their years. Peace be upon you”

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