The Last Bus to Camden

Rocky Wilson author of

 The Last Bus to Camden

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“Rocky Wilson’s the real thing: not another rubber stamped MFA poet but a writer whose work begins from feeling & builds its case for what is felt in sure, solid lines…” Jim Cory

“Rocky Wilson is not just the muse of Camden, New Jersey, the poorest city in these rich, un-united states, he is its soul…” Peter Murphy, Stockton University

“…an inviting revelry offering gentle works infused with references to the natural world…” Tammy Paolino,  Courier Post



I live in Camden,
not exactly what people have in mind
when they sing “Home of the brave
and land of the free.”
But my angels have gotten me out
of some squeezes.
The crack-head’s knife missed my lung
by half-an-inch.A young girl once pleaded and pushed me
off a mean street in Parkside.
I had been her substitute teacher
and she called me “bad”
which meant I was “good.”

Then this gang saw me jogging
over by Camden High
and was ready to bust me up
when they saw a monkey on my hand
and realized, “Hey, this dude
is the Puppet Man.”What saves our lives:
a 6th grade girl,
a little cloth monkey,
a dull knife,
an angel’s wings
brushing through
the ghetto night.

Introduced by Editor Sean Lynch, who worked with Rocky for over two years on the book.

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