Dear Poets, April is just around the corner and that means our

14th Annual Poetry Ink:
100 Poets Reading Sunday, April 11, 2010 at 12PM

We want you all: academic poets, famous poets, free form poets, street poets, unknown poets, spoken word poets, published poets, unpublished poets. You each get 2 minutes; that’s a full day of poetry!

We supply the coffee, you bring the desserts.

For 2010, the readings will be in reverse alphabetical order, Z to A. (We did regular order in 2009.)

Time Slots for Readers:

1. Robert Zaller
2. Yvonne Yon
3. Alma Sojourner Wynne
4. Dave Worrell
5. Tom Woolfolk
6. Alyce Wilson
7. Rocky Wilson
8. Eleanor Wilner
9. Therese Willis
10. Kimmika Williams-Witherspoon
11. Roland Williams
12. Joyce Lee Williams

13. Rebecca Weiss
14. Shulamith Caine Wechter
15. Sean Webb
16. Mona Washington
17. Justin Vitiello
18. Chanda Valentine
19. Jonathan Todd
20. Helen Tinsley
21. John Timpane
22. Larry Thompson
23. Al Tacconelli
24. Jeanne Sutton

25. Richard Stowe
26. Lamont Steptoe
27. David Steel
28. Catherine Staples
29. Janet Spangler
30. Adam Sorkin
31. Amy Small-McKinney
32. Tieshay Skinner
33. George Schaefer
34. Mary Scarpati
35. Tonya Ryva
36. Jacob Russel

37. Molly Russakoff
38. Maria de Lourdes Rodriguez
39. Joe Roarty
40. Don Riggs
41. Christopher Purdom
42. Elijah Pringle
43. Prabha Prabhu
44. Kay Peters
45. Aaren Perry
46. Pamela Perkins-Frederick
47. Herb Perkins-Frederick
48. Michelle Ovalle

49. Ewuare Osayande
50. Pat O’Brien
51. Betty Jean Nobles
52. Kasia Newcomer
53. Mera Moore
54. Tessa Micaela
55. Joyce Meyers
56. Gabrè Medhin
57. Milton McGriff
58. Lara McDavit
59. Michael McCullough
60. Phyllis Mass

61. John Oliver Mason
62. Angel Martinez
63. Jeff Mark
64. Gweny Love
65. Elliot Levin
66. Raina Leon
67. Kinard Lang
68. Jody Kolodzey
69. Linda Koenigsberg
70. Aziza Kinteh
71. David Kertis
72. M. Nzadi Keita

73. James Kaliss
74. Betti E. Kahn
75. Quincy Scott Jones
76. Maria James-Thiaw
77. Marcia Ivans
78. Preston Hood
79. Ditta Baron Hoeber
80. Alison Hicks
81. Steve Halpern
82. Hanoch Guy
83. Beulah Gordon Skinner
84. David Gordon
85. Leonard Gontarek
86. Monica Gomery
87. Megan Gillespie
88. Ray Garman
89. Connie Garcia-Barrio
90. James Freeman

91. Mary Fox
92. Peggy Fisher
93. Tina Fields
94. Natalie Felix
95. R.G. Evans
96. Cole Eubanks
97. Stephanie Durann
98. Carlos Dufflar
99. Justin Duerr
100. Minna Canton Duchovnay
101. Pheralyn Dove
102. Ashini Desai

103. Hakim Dempsey
104. Sannii Crespina-flores
105. Jim Cory
106. Angelo Colavita
107. Devin Cohen
108. Marion Cohen
109. Sydney Coffin
110. Liz Chang
111. Jose Cedillos
112. Charles Carr
113. Lisa Bruckman
114. Mary Legato Brownell

115. Ray Brown
116. Harold Brown
117. Eugene Brown
118. Star Cummin Bright
119. Mel Brake
120. Veronica Bowlan
121. Adele Bourne
122. Carol Ann Bond
123. Docena Blyden
124. Lili Bita
125. Sharon Bisaha
126. Sarah Birl

127. Gregory Bem
128. Lorelle Becton
129. Herman Beavers
130. Samantha Barrow
131. Katherine Barham
132. Richard Bank
133. Catherine Bancroft
134. Meredith Avakian
135. Carl A. Anderson
136. Dilruba Ahmed
137. Sojourner Ahebee
138. Octavia McBride Ahebee
139. Orphialasertrella Adams-Taylor

10 Comments » for 14th ANNUAL POETRY INK
  1. Jim Whiteside says:

    Larry, Thanks for remembering me. Great to hear from you and see you are still making an artistic presence in Philadelphia. I wish you continued success. Yes I still write verse but I won’t be able to make it to Philadelphia. I thought of sending along one of my favorites for recession times like these but I don’t see any mechanism for somebody else reading it so I thought I would just let it go. Thank you again for the invitation.

  2. Constance Garcia-Barrio says:

    I wish to participate in Poetry Ink.

    Connie garcia-Barrio

  3. Pamela M. Perkins-Frederick says:

    I’d love to celebrate with you by reading for ONE HUNDRED POETS READ AT ROBIN’S BOOKSTORE It’s always a momentous occasion.
    May you and the poets that love you be reading for the next
    hundred years!
    Best always,

  4. Lorelle Becton says:

    I would like to read something at the event. I read several years ago.

  5. I’d like to participate in the event. Thanks, Marion

  6. Carol Bond says:

    CAROL ANN bond

    I would like to read my two poems at Poetry Ink. I read last year.

    Is it necessary to submit my poems beforehand or pay a fee?

  7. nebadon says:

    You only have to submit ahead of the time or pay a fee if you want to be in the Poetry Ink Chapbook, which will be available at the event for $12.50. What you do need to do is email us at larry@robinsbookstore.com and say that you are interested in reading so that we can add you to the list of readers.

  8. Beulah Gordon-Skinner says:

    I would love to read at this year’s event and to be included in the Poetry Ink Chapbook. I will e-mail my submissions.

  9. Thanks for the invite, I will email two poems today.

  10. Tonya Ryva says:

    I signed up for poetry Ink and sent in two poems. I only meant to send in one but I will let the fates deside which one will be in the Ink.

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