Love Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Wednesday, January 26, 7pm – Theater – $10 Admission

Love Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

written by Stephen Satell and directed by Connie Norwood

Love doesn’t Live Here Anymore is taken from Stephen C. Satell’s novel Our Daddies Are Home and is directed by renowned Philadelphia director and actor Connie Norwood. The story is about the struggle between a teenage girl living in Roxbury, Massachusetts and her father who she remembers as loving and fun when she was small but now that she is a teenager he has turned mean and her mother also notices love has left the household. Leslie’s father knows he has to both protect and prepare his daughter for the mean world. The question is does he go too far and will he lose her completely.  Leslie’s family lives next door to a college friend of Leslie’s father an ex-police officer who lost his legs in a car accident. He is the father of Joy whose Leslie’s best friend and who comforts Leslie from her father although she admires her friend who is a leader just like her father. Leslie convinces Joy to join the school’s softball team that didn’t win a game the year before.  As the drama unfolds, so does the history of both families and each individual. The question becomes can love be restored in a family that has seen it disappear. The strength of the friendship between the two girls is never in question. After the show there will be a discussion about the struggle between father’s and daughters once daughters reach puberty. . . .

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