Marx In Soho by Howard Zinn With Bob Weick as Karl Marx, Directed by John Doyle

MONDAY MAY 3, 7:30pm – $10. – THEATER
by Howard Zinn
With Bob Weick as Karl Marx, Directed by John Doyle

“Bob Weick captured Marx and his ideas with the proper strength and subtlety, moving very effectively through a range of moods: humorous, angry, poignant. We admired Weick’s transitions, change of pace, the nuances of feeling. In short, I am very happy with what Bob has done. John Doyle directed the play brilliantly “. Howard Zinn author of Marx in Soho & The People’s History of The United States

“This production does several different things with great skill, subtlety, and professionalism. The audience will encounter a Marx who remains passionate about injustice, critical of inequality, and combative with his rivals … but also a Marx who is loving toward his family, saddened by their poverty, and willing to rethink some of his ideas. Bob Weick is a gem of a performer, taking the audience on a whirlwind tour of different moods, attitudes, and ideas. Whether you’re a novice undergraduate, a Marxist scholar, a social justice advocate, or an interested citizen, you will find much of value in this production.” Steve Buechler,
Minnesota State University, Mankato

“Going to see Marx in Soho I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Neither, I think were most of other students or professors that attended the show but most, I think, enjoyed it immensely. Marx is often seen as dull, dry and outdated – a difficult writer to understand, but Marx in Soho was fresh, fiery and entertaining. Enjoyable to many, interesting to others and no doubt offensive to somebody (as all great theatre should be). Marx in Soho brought a long dead revolutionary to Columbus Ohio. Perhaps he should visit more often.” Amanda Mielke, College Student

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