MPS: Suzán Jiván & Lester Mobley

Thursday, October 4, 7pm – Poetry The Moonstone Poetry Series Presents Suzan Jivan & Lester Mobley " Suzán Jiván " -  "Jivan ", the Hindi word for "life", typifies her artistic mission to promote life through her poems, photos, videos blogs and fiber art. She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from SUNY Stony Brook and Masters Study in Education at LIU Southampton, NY. The accents over the second syllables of her first and last names typify “accenting” the second half of her life.  It is her heart-felt desire to promote life through her poetry and visual art.  Her blog is dedicated to her late husband, Stanislaus Dubowski.  It is her hope that he will “live on” via her art, and enrich the lives of readers worldwide. By Looking In and Sipping: CollectedPoems by Suzán Jiván is Suzán's first chapbook and contains 30 poems including, "A Topsy-Turvy Greenhouse" for Stanislaus Dubowski that appeared in "Poetry Ink 2012 " as well as " Tucked Away " published  in "The Fox Chase Review A/W-2012. Lester Mobley has been a proud construction worker for over 30 years. His attitude is "Philly blue collar " and is reflective in his writings. A native of New York, he has lived in Philadelphia for most of his life. He draws inspiration for his writings from a passion for music, jazz culture, art (both classic and contemporary), justice, nature, and a deeply felt concern for the human condition both socially and spiritually and of God. Mobley can be found reading his poetry at open mics throughout the Philadelphia area. His poetic influences come from varied sources from that of Poe, Whitman, Thomas, Bukowski, to the poetic rhythmic stylings of troupes such as the Last Poets and selective rappers. His new chapbooks is Jazz Musings and Similar Poems. Share
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