Friday, Oct. 2 – 9pm – Scott Churchman, Sugarplums, Junkers, and Mantasy


Scott Churchman is both man and entity. A Philadelphia-based songwriter who has assembled a band that promises to take the huge, dreamy landscapes of its recordings to new and unheralded levels in the space of both time and space.

Baltimore’s Sugarplums have attracted the gaze of Atomic Beat Records for their wondrous brand of reverb-soaked boy-girl vocals and light-hearted pop sensibility. A shining gem from the underground of Charm City, this rare Philadelphia appearance is not to be missed.

Junkers have recently emerged from a three year absence to restart their timeless task of mining the pebbles, graves, and rubble of the sixties through a contemporary lens. In their basement-sullied hands, the hissy, lost masters, straight from VG- 45 to digital sound of the great, lost man-boy groups of that decade becomes fun, exciting trash rock.

Mantasy is an act that serves up its own brand of meaty excellence. At once both powerful and soothing, Mantasy certainly gives more than it receives. In live action, they have the promise to make people of all orthodoxies swoon, and restart their lapsed diet of vitamins. One can only wait in humble anticipation for their debut: Double Mantasy.

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