Randall Amster author of Anarchism Today

Saturday, July 7, 7pm - Non-Fiction Randall Amster author of Anarchism Today ($48.00 Praeger pub) With all of the provocative, sometimes highly destructive acts committed in the name of anarchy, this enlightening volume invites readers to discover the true meaning of anarchism, exploring its vivid history and its resurgent relevance for addressing today's most vexing social problems Exploring both contemporary manifestations of anarchist culture and the historical roots of the philosophy, Amster, a political philosophy academic, presents a nuanced analysis of this complex political and social ideology. The volume discusses issues such as contemporary anarchist thought, practical anarchism in action, violence, anarchist ecologies, local and global organization, and the impact of philosophical anarchism on other systems of political thought. The material provides readers in political science and sociology with a firm foundation in the deep roots of anarchist thinking and clearly explains the usefulness of understanding the tenets of the philosophy in the wider study of contemporary politics and culture. Amster is the author of several works on political philosophy, organizing and global culture. Annotation ©2012 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com) Share
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