The Moonstone Poetry Series Presents Tam Mcdowell author of The Healing Year ($12.00)

Tuesday April 24, 7pm – Poetry The Moonstone Poetry Series Presents Tam Mcdowell author of The Healing Year ($12.00) “I was born in Birmingham, AL to a schizophrenic mother and an absentee father.  A product of the foster care system, I endured many hardships that altered my promise and direction in life; including homelessness, molestation, and physical abuse.  As the mother of two adult sons, I'm now doing all I can to make my past work for me rather than against me.  After numerous attempts to end my life, I decided to use my gift and love of writing and poetry to live a productive and happy life.  Poetry and writing saved my life; this is why I do so much to give back and share. This is what led to my decision to become a full-time professional artist; my life is no longer mine to take, but most certainly to give.” As COO/Founder of The Simply Tam Foundation for Artful Living, LLC, it is my sincere pleasure to put all my heart's energy and creative efforts into community endeavors and resources that support and enlighten others. I intend to continue in my pursuits of excellence and balance to help create a more peaceful and harmonious society with all proceeds going to the Foundation. How I'm doing this: Winner of "Most Influential Poet of the Year" & Two-time 2011 National Poetry Award Nominee ("Best Poetry Performance); Motivational Speaker in the areas of foster care/adoption, child abuse (including sexual abuse), adult physical abuse, mental illness/suicide prevention, homelessness/hunger, and teen pregnancy; from an aspect of personal experience. Also when dealing with children and adolescents, I offer the addition of focus and life-enhancement with an emphasis on Poetry/Writing as Therapy; Creator/Sponsor of "40 Days From Promise", a semi-annual fundraising campaign for youth 18-24 hoping to pursue their dreams professionally or semi-professionally.  I'm also a proud sponsor of numerous arts programs, as well as a supporter of a local non-profit program for LGBT equality and the quest to end bullying and related suicides; Host/Creator of Mic Nice on BlogTalkRadio. Airs Thursdays at 6p cst.;  The co-creator of The Artists' Den at Cavalry Hill (with my partner Ray Greene) and our special guest host and coordinator Torrance "Streetologist" McReynolds.”  Tam Mcdowell Share
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