Tonight – Frederick E. LaCroix author of The Sky Rained Heroes


Author of The Sky Rained Heroes ($21.95 Synergy)

lacroixbk“When I picked this up, I thought “oh, no, another war book.: but the cover and title were catching, so I took a gamble. Well worth the risk! Of course the book is ostensibly about two soldiers, an American fighter pilot (incidentally the author’s father) and an officer in the Japanese Army, but it goes way beyond that. The history of the Second World War is almost secondary to the themes that intrigued me: the contradictions inherent in the simple act of remembrance, heroism as distinct from the worthiness of the cause, predators and prey as a framework for viewing historical development. Highly recommended!” – S. Johnson, a review from Amazon

While Japanese and American forces fight mercilessly for control of the Philippines in 1945, two men, a Japanese infantry officer and an American P-51 fighter pilot, meet in a fearsome battle that leaves the Japanese officer dead. Half a century later, the fighter pilot’s son, Frederick E. LaCroix, inherits the officer’s bloodied, Kanji-inscribed Imperial battle flag, which was given to his father as a memento of his victory. The flag, coupled with his father’s wartime correspondence, propels LaCroix on a six-year journey across eastern Asia to find the dead officer’s family and return the flag. The Sky Rained Heroes details the emotional true stories of two soldiers from vastly different cultures, their families, and the diverse paths that led them to their fatal meeting. Drawing from their actual wartime experiences, LaCroix crafts a unique and powerful narrative that brings the dramatic events of World War II to life and honors those who fought so bravely.

For over twenty years, Frederick E. LaCroix, the son of a World War II fighter pilot who fought in the Pacific theater, has lived in and traveled throughout Asia, where he works to develop poor communities, expand rural electrification, and create new economic and educational opportunities in the Asian countryside. He is currently the Chairman and CEO of The PowerSource Group LLC and resides in the Philippines.

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