Val Carey author of TOTM! Time of the Month

Saturday, March 12, 3pm – Non-Fiction
Val Carey author of TOTM! Time of the Month ($14.99 Val’s Word)

In time for National Women’s History Month, female activist and TOTM! Coach Val Carey releases the 2nd edition of TOTM! Time Of The Month! The Essential Planner for Girls and Women of All.  The planner is designed for females to track their menstrual cycles, feelings, emotions and daily schedules.  The planner comes with colorful stickers to indicate moods of crankiness, happiness, as well as spa appointments and birthdays.

Val Carey is a Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn, NY native.  She conducts TOTM! workshops for parents who are seeking ways to broach to broach the menstrual cycle conversation with their daughters, as well as TOTM! workshops for teen girls.  Val Carey hosts a weekly radio show on BlogTalk Radio named TOTM! Tea Talks.  The show airs Wednesday nights at 7pm EST and Sundays at 5pm EST.  Podcasts of the shows are available as free downloads on iTunes.  For more info on Val Carey and the TOTM! Time Of The Month! movement see and

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