Wed. – 8/26 – 7pm – View From a Grain of Sand


The war of aggression against Afghanistan initiated by George W. Bush in October 2001 and now maintained and expanded by Obama is “NOT THE GOOD WAR“.

Philadelphia World Can’t Wait is proud to present a showing of the film “View From A Grain of Sand” and a discussion of why this war must be opposed and how it can be resisted.

Shot in refugee camps of Pakistan and the war-torn city of Kabul, three remarkable Afghan women lead us through the maze of Afghanistan’s complex history, informing this examination of how international interventions, war and the rise of political Islam have stripped Afghan women of their freedom over the last thirty years. Combining verité footage, interviews and rare archival material, this evocative film is a harrowing, thought-provoking and movingly intimate portrait of a still divided and brutalized nation. Addressing timely issues of women, Islam, and US foreign policy, the film is a compelling and vital addition to the global dialogue of our times.

“View From a Grain of Sand”
Today I had the experience of seeing one of the most moving documentaries I have ever seen, ‘View from a Grain of Sand’ which focuses on three Afghani women, telling the story of all women in Afghanistan. All I can say is that everyone should see this film, absolutely everyone. The status of women now in Afghanistan is a DIRECT result of the US and Saudi Arabia funding the mujahadin in order to drive the Soviets out. It is OUR fault the women of Afghanistan have gone through this. If our country is occupying Afhanistan, YOU need to know what has gone on there.

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