Moonstone Publishing Presents: Annual Chapbook Contest

Moonstone Chapbook Contest 2016

Submissions open from August 1, 2016 to October 14, 2016

                                               This year’s contest will be judged by Afaa M. Weaver


Winner will receive

  • $300 cash prize
  • Publication and 25 copies of the book*
  • Promotion on our website
  • Reading at one of our venues in Philadelphia.


Please submit about twenty-five pages of material.

  • Individual poems may have been previously published, but the work as a whole must be new. Simultaneous submissions to other publishers or contests are permitted so long as you promptly notify Moonstone Press if a manuscript is accepted elsewhere.
  • Include only one poem per page.
  • If a poem continues to a second page, indicate whether or not there is a stanza break. Thirty-five lines equal one page. Divider pages or section titles should be included in the total page count. When determining total line length for each poem, include spaces between stanzas (example: a poem of 5 couplets would equal 14 lines). Numbers or section breaks (often indicated by a * symbol) should also be included as lines when calculating total line length. Count an epigraph as three extra lines. A line that has more than 60 characters (including spaces and punctuation) should be counted as two lines of your total line count. If lines are staggered like a Ferlinghetti poem, estimate the width of the line and remember that the final chapbook will be printed in 12 point Times New Roman font on pages that are 5 1/2 inches wide.


Include the following as separate pages:

  • a biography (this can be included in the cover letter), a cover page with contact information, table of contents, dedication, acknowledgments for any previous publications, and an inside title page (with no name). These pages should not be included in the manuscript’s total page count. The cover page should include the manuscript title and all contact information (mailing address, email address, home phone, and cell phone if available).
  • Your name should not appear anywhere on the manuscript.
  • Submit manuscript in a 9 X 12 (or 10 X 13) inch non-padded envelope or USPS priority mail envelope. Please do not use paper clips, binder clips, staples, or report folders.
  • Please enclose a 9 X 12 (or 10 X 13) inch SASE with correct postage if you want your whole manuscript returned. For notification of results only, include a #10 business SASE. If there is no SASE, notification will be sent via email. If there is no SASE and no email address, there will be no notification. Please notify us of any change of address.
  • All submissions should be postmarked no later than October 14, 2016. Winners will be announced around mid-November, 2016.


Mail your manuscript along with a $15 reading fee** payable to:

Moonstone Arts Center
110A S. 13th Street
Philadelphia PA 19107


* additional copies will be available for purchase

                   ** Please note that this fee is nonrefundable should you decide not to participate.

                   See our publishing guidelines if you would like to publish with The Moonstone Press



Moonstone 2015 Chapbook Contest Reading

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Brandywine Workshop

728 S. Broad St.

Winner of the 2015 Moonstone Chapbook Contest, Joe Roarty was born in 1953 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has lived in Pittsburgh, Pa., Cleveland, Ohio, Boston, Mass., and Chicago, IL. and Philadelphia.“”Moritat (German for “street ballad”) is poetry of high octane energy, passionate intelligence, supercharged, insistent blues, jazz and heightened speech rhythms, whose original language mixes dictions with masterful ease–at home on the street and in the stratosphere, a colloquial invention that uses texting’s phonetic spelling, omitting vowels in a way that drives the lines, while his images mix references in our polyglot way: “I hav hrd/ americn wrds”.  Our violence finds voice in his riff on Kennedy’s murder: Capt. Kangaroo’s head-banging rabbit, “Kennedy’s skull, America’s wars/bangbangbang,” and our sorrows in the gritty soul-reach of his hung-over, moving lament for Tennesee Williams that reminded me of Frank O’Hara’s “The Day Lady Died,” but with a very different, driving energy/

He can be flat out funny: “if i was mark zukerbrg/i wouldn’t have ths problem” and he can be prophetic—moving from, in the first poem, how the city uses you up, to the last poem which sees universal horror through the agonized figures in the Greek statue, Laocoon, “wn gods kill thr priests…” and the the snake, “motion coild on itslf,” rises, unnatural, from below…but you need to read and hear these poems for yourself, because inside his words is where the power resides.” Eleanor Wilner,


Honorable Mentions Include:

Jim Cory

James M. Cory – byline Jim Cory – is a poet and a fiction writer interested in history, ornithology and architecture. He has reviewed books (for the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram), written many essays (for American Book Review, James White Review, Philadelphia City Paper, etc.), authored eight books or chapbooks of poetry (most recently No Brainer Variations, 2011 from Rain Mountain Press, NYC), established a poetry publishing cooperative (1990s) in Philadelphia and has been the editor of James Broughton’s Selected Poems (Packing Up For Paradise, 1998 by Black Sparrow Press) and the Selected Poems of Jonathan Williams (Jubilant Thicket, 2005, Copper Canyon Press). He was the first recepient of fellowships by the Pennsylvania Arts Council (1989), Yaddo (1994) and the MacDowell Colony (2014).

Greg Francis

A resident of Southeastern Pennsylvania since 1976, Greg Francis has served his community as a classroom teacher, courtroom lawyer, and congressional aide. Listed in both the Internet Speculative Fiction Database and the Locus Index to Science Fiction, his work has appeared in Mad Poets Review, Eldritch Tales, and Golden Iris.

Jeffrey Ethan Lee

Jeffrey Ethan Lee’s first novel is forthcoming from White Pine Press in 2016. His dramatic poetry book, identity papers (Ghost Road Press, 2006), was a 2006 Colorado Book Award finalist. His towards euphoria was the co-winner of the editor’s poetry chapbook prize from Seven Kitchens Press (2012), which was also the prequel to his first full-length poetry book, invisible sister (Many Mountains Moving Press, April 2004), which was praised in American Book Review, etc. He on the 2002 Sow’s Ear Poetry Chapbook prize ($1,000) for The Sylf (2003), created identity papers for Drimala Records, published Strangers in a Homeland (chapbook with Ashland Poetry Press, 2001), and hundreds of poems, stories and essays in North American Review, Xconnect, Crab Orchard Review, Crazyhorse, Many Mountains Moving, Crosscurrents, American Poetry Review, Green Mountain Review, Washington Square. He has a Ph.D in British Romanticism and an MFA from NYU. He teaches the humanities at Temple University and in Creative Writing at various places, including Muhlenberg College and the Shambhala Center in Philadelphia.


For more information on having your poetry book or chapbook published with Moonstone Press, please click here.

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  1. Jim Cory says:

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  2. Eleanor Wilner has just been announced as this year’s judge.

  3. There is not way to submit this electronically?

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    do you want manuscripts to be bound in any way? if so , what ways are acceptable. joe

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  8. To make it easier for you to pay, you can use the donate button on the membership page. In the top menu, under the about tab, there is a membership tab. the donate button is at the bottom of the page.

  9. No, do not bind them.

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  12. I’m sorry that you missed the deadline. I have added you to our email list. Thank you for your interest.

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