Elijah B Pringle, III with Adriann “The Pen” Bautista & Jamarr Hall

Moonstone Poetry @ PhillyCAM Studios 

699 Ranstead Street

Tuesday December 10, 2013 7pm

Elijah B Pringle, III is an artist who continues to express himself in the Visual, Performing and Written Arts. He is a lyric baritone as well as a composer.  He has worked as a dancer, choreographer and actor before dedicating himself mostly to the written art. His essays and poetry have appeared in numerous local and international poetry journals and anthologies, including: Fox Chase Poetry Review, The Gods Must Be Bored, River Poets Journal, Poetry Ink Anthology, 99 Poets for the 99%, Poetry for Haiti and most proudly in Cornbread, Fish and Collard Greens (Prayers, Poets and Affirmation for people living with HIV/AIDS).  He has performed his poetry on Panoramic Poetry Podcast, WHYY-TV, Conscious-TV and WRTI. Elijah has conducted numerous poetry workshops and is the host of Poetic Quid Pro Quo for Moonstone Art Center.

Adriann “The Pen” Bautista a native of Philadelphia, PA, is a Mother, Playwright and Poet. She has appeared Conscious Poetry TV. She has been published in Poetry Ink, P.E.A.S. Magazine and Thomas Jefferson University’s Literary magazine, Inside Out, the anthology Standing our Ground: Poems for Trayvon Martin & Marissa Alexander and has published two Chapbooks: Ballad of a Beautiful Brown King and Sister Strength and a book, Sanctuary of Snow Adriann is co-founder of the female poetry collective Wings of Worth

Jamarr Hall, a Philadelphia native, 21 years old, he is an International Poetry Slam Champion of 2011 Brave New Voices. In 2012 he was featured in Live Arts Philadelphia Fringe Festival artist. He has performed extensively on the east coast as well as in several cities in CA. Jamarr has appear on several movie shorts on youtube.com. Not only a gifted poet he is also a singer and composer as well as an accomplished painter.  The His primary belief is that one must create within themselves in order to witness societal progression.

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