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What is Moonstone? Why be a member? Many people who have attended our programs are not aware of Moonstone’s history and other activities. Founded in 1983, Moonstone is a 501 (C)3, arts and education organization whose mission is to stimulate communication across the barriers of language, gender, ethnicity, and age, utilizing the arts and the concept of multiple intelligences as a guide in both our preschool and our adult programs. We create programs based on the philosophy that the arts, creativity, and imagination are essential aspects of life and learning. We believe that the artistic process is critical in understanding how people think and interact with our world and that learning is a life long activity. Moonstone Inc. currently operates the Moonstone Preschool and the Moonstone Arts Center.
Moonstone supplies an inexpensive forum for emerging and established artists to gather and perform. Many of our events are free, and the others are low cost. Given the changes in the non-profit world and shrinking support from government and corporate sources, we need to reach out to you. We invite you to become part of our community, to present your work, to come and hear others, and to support us in our work. Contributions are tax deductible.

Support the Moonstone Arts Center and Press
The Moonstone Press Price Quantity Total
Contribution $
Poetry Ink Anthologies 2006, 2010 through 2015 $15.00
2014 Featured Poets Anthology $15.00
2015 Featured Poets Anthology $15.00
Haitian Mud Pies & Other Poems by Charles S. Carr $15.00
Envisioning Freedom: A Teachers Resource by Amy Cohen $15.00
Lost  Autographs: poems by Peter Baroth $15.00
Speaking to Power by Robert Zaller $15.00
Speed Limit 225 by Ivan Taub $15.00
25 Short Poems by Jim Cory $10.00
After the Harvest by Steve Burke $10.00
Color Schemes by Jeffrey Ethan Lee $10.00
Contact by Leonard Gontarek $10.00
From The Familiar by Kathy Barham $10.00
Madison Hatta’s Book … by April Lynn James, PhD $10.00
Moritat by Joe Roarty $10.00
Myth & Mystery by Gregory B. Francis $10.00
Philadelphia Haiku: Volume 1 $10.00
Testation by Richard S. Bank $10.00
Moonstone Arts Center Association Membership
Annual Membership -$35 – our sincere appreciation $35.00
Annual Membership -$75 – plus a gift from above $75.00
Annual Membership – $125 – plus any 3 items above $150.00
Annual Membership – $250 – plus any 6 items above $250.00
Annual Membership- $500 – plus everything above $500.00
Annual Membership – $1000 –plus everything in 2015 is free $1,000.00
Lifetime Membership – $2500 – everything from TMAC is free for life $2,500.00
Total:  $
Payment: Cash:      Check#:           Credit Card:
Contact Information:
City:                                      State:              Zip:


To make donation via credit or debit card:

To make donation with a check, download the membership form here: Support the Moonstone Arts Center and Press, then send it to:

Larry Robin
RE: Membership
110A S. 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19143

Thank You, Moonstone Supporters

  • Abraham Lincoln Foundation of the Union League
  • Barra Foundation
  • Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation
  • National Archives and Records Administration: Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Pennsylvania Abolition Society
  • Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA) through the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts (PPA)
  • Pennsylvania Humanities Council
  • Philadelphia Cultural Fund
  • Samuel S. Fels Fund
  • William Penn Foundation

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